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Genting Dream gathers the labuan bajo top entertainment and leisure facilities, taking you to experience the sincere and warm hospitality of Indonesia and fascinating local conditions and customs, and start the unforgettable journey of maritime dream.

We are ready to facilitate your holiday trip. With our excellent and wholehearted waiter. The ships that we provide are guaranteed to be clean and safe for your trip.

Do not hesitate to ask us if you know clear information about our services. Because our team is ready to help your vacation trip to be more memorable and enjoyable.


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Dreambay Cruise Ship Facilities

The following are the facilities provided by Dreambay Cruise to you that will make your holiday trip enjoyable.
Comfortable bed suitable for your rest

The bed is cleverly positioned to lift the curtain on an uninterrupted panoramic view of the sky, sea and horizon.
Be one with the view on the elegant balcony or simply enjoy the majesty of the all-encompassing luxury. That is, if you can even leave your "Dream Bed" with comfortable sheets, down comforters, and mountain pillows.

Enjoy eating by the ocean

With ocean views and enchanting sunshine, every vantage point is perfect in a serene dreambay. It is a panoramic place for you to relax with a cup of tea, coffee or while you dine with your friends and family.

Enjoy snorkeling in the sea

Seeing the colorful fish in the sea will amaze you with the beauty and diversity of marine animals. As well as the coral reefs in the Labuan Bajo sea which are very beautiful and clean. This will make your vacation more enjoyable.